Coconut Rice Pudding Gluten free/Vegan/no sodium
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Coconut Rice Pudding Gluten free/Vegan/no sodium

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white rice, brown sugar, unsweetened coconut, tapioca starch

email for allergy inquires. facility contains: walnuts, almonds, coconut and mustard

Cooking instructions are based on the family size product. Mini versions make 4-5 cups, please refer to cooking instructions on package

Remove brown sugar and coconut from the bag (slice at the bottom of the bag and pour rice out).  Add rice to 3 cups of boiling water, simmer on low for 20 min.  Add brown sugar/coconut mixture to the rice plus 1 can of coconut milk and stir on low for 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and add the juice and zest of one lime.  Enjoy hot or cold.  (adding dried or fresh blueberries is delicious)  Or juice and zest of lemon or orange...with cranberries:)