NEW "Chick'n" and "Beef" Plant based Stock

Simply Delish is leveling up! 
This has been something that has been a priority from day one. We only want the very best for ourselves and our customers and over the past 13 years we have taken every opportunity to level up our product line. 
Our mission is to provide clean and healthy products made from the highest quality ingredients that will nourish your body and soul  Everything is intentional. 
Our personal health journey has inspired us to take inventory of our products and to ensure once again they align with our mission! 
With that we are EXCITED to announce we have reformulated our "Chick'n" style and "Beef" style plant based stock! 
Our new recipe is a blend of nutritional yeast and spices and NO longer contains any: processed sugars, oil, natural flavors or baking yeast. We have also further reduced the salt content and are only using a Mediterranean Sea salt (you may need to salt to taste!) 
Just simple ingredients that pack flavor and nutrition 
The new base is rolling out now and we are beyond excited as this has been on our TO DO list for sometime now! 
Please let us know your thoughts and feedback! Many of you are long time customers and supporters and we are committed to bringing you the very BEST with every product we make! 
Simply Delish is a labor of LOVE and always has been  we hope you can taste it!